Content drives Commerce.

High returns rates, abandoned carts, and a full customer service inbox all have one thing in common. Missing high quality product content and information.

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4 steps away from the perfect product content

Leverage the extensive knowledge, tools, and services provided by Qurated to get the most from your catalogue.

Our four service pillars
Product data extraction and normalization
Vertical Expertise
Product data augmentation
Automated content creation
The payoff of great content by numbers.

Content drives Commerce, this is what research tells us.


of online shoppers have abondoned carts due to a lack of clear information


of online shoppers consider a good product description essential


of online shoppers have returned products because of incorrect descriptions

We envision a world where online retail delivers seamless customer experiences through better content.

While online retailers regularly invest heavily in conversion optimalisation, a larger catalogue range, product discounts and free shipping, content is often underserved.
Complexity and cost are two of the main reasons for this. Good product content comes from a collaboration between product experts, skilled writers, SEO specialists and quality data entry.

Qurated takes care of content from A to Z.
Data consolidation and normalization. Augmentation with the help of Visual AI, NLP, and product experts. And finally publishing well crafted content through AI powered writing, trained by content and SEO experts.

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Showcase your products’ story with Qurated.

No matter whether you have 100, or 100.000 products, each of your products has a story to tell. From its quality and application to the design and manufacturing process. Inspire customers with their story.
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