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An international and diverse team with a track-record in E-commerce

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An idea born out of a practical need.


We see product content as much more as a way to increase sales.

We see curated content being a force for good that limits waste, and reduces carbon foodprint by leading to less returns.

We see curated content as an enabler for people to find the products they need. Whether it be someone visually impaired using a screenreader, or a person relying on exact keywords to find a crucial product via search engines.

And we know this can only be accomplished by providing retailers with the right tools and services.


Having worked in E-commerce for many years we know retail teams have little time to spare.
In the race to get the next collection ready, and to publish the next marketing campaign, there is no room to experiment with new tools.

Qurated makes sure to offer a hands-on service supporting your team at every step of the way, and handinling all the heavy lifting.

We adapt to your teams skill and schedule, and augment where needed. We have the playbook ready, We just need that first kick-off meeting


With a background in E-commerce as Project Managers, Solutions Architects, Developers, and Marketeers, we know the challenges faced by e-retail teams.

This allows us to model our services and tools in ways that work for your team. Low friction, is the key. We adapt to your companies unique case making it a true collaboration.
Our crew

Meet our team

Our crew