Qurated makes it easy for your team to deliver high-quality product content.

Data extraction and normalization

With over a decade of experience in building product imports for ecommerce operations our team has seen it all. Missing data, incorrect CSV headers, mislabeled values, typos, and so on. This experience allowed us to build a flexible data extraction and normalization tool that combines a predefined mapping of your source feeds, with AI to automatically match values.With each cycle we go through, the AI understands your catalog better and becomes more fault tolerant.

Vertical Expertise

The normalization of data is based on a Product Data Model which is tailored to your company's specific products and target audience, and based on our knowledge.Our network of Vertical Experts is diverse, with backgrounds in fashion, furniture, construction materials, and more. Through a combination of interviews with ecommerce managers, merchandisers, and customer service representatives in your team, and our in-house knowledge we craft the perfect Product Data Model for each product category.

Data augumentation

We apply Visual AI and Natural Language Processing, as well as knowledge on product property combinations to augment the extracted feed data, filling out your Product Data Model. Since AI is far from perfect in picking out all product properties, we have a team of product property taggers that go in and correct values where needed, and manually fill in what the AI was unable to pick out. Over time, through a system that applies Guided Learning to the AI, we train it specifically for your product types ensuring better and better matching.

Automated content generation

To complete this data we add a textual product description. Leveraging powerful Machine Learning with a proprietary approach to automated text writing we are able to generate hundreds, or even thousands of product texts instantly. To ensure the highest quality of text generation we manually tailor the training sets to your company's tone of voice, target audience and products. This ensures that we control the end result and can tweak where required. 

And these texts aren’t just there for SEO value, the texts are formatted in a way that delivers relevant product information in a clear and succinct way to your customer. Easily scannable, pleasant to read and informative. We mix straight forward properties with facts, tips, even combination recommendations, application instructions or fashion advice